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Personalized Services

  • Personal care plan;

  • Regular progress reports;

  • Medications management;


We Provide

  • Music and music therapy; Arts and crafts, art therapy;

  • Personal care services; Therapeutic exercises;

  • Monthly vital monitoring; Assistance with medication;

  • Hot lunches, breakfasts and snacks; Fun games;

  • Animal visits; Memory stimulation;

  • Caregiver support and referral information; Special seasonal activities;

  • Volunteer programs; Discussion groups;

  • Regular assessments by trained professionals;

  • Showers, foot care, haircuts and nursing services are available for an additional charge;


    Gentle exercises (such as chair fitness techniques, dance, balloon tossing);
    Expressive arts (painting, craft, and music);
    Social interaction (talking and working with peers and staff);


     Participants receive breakfasts, snacks, and lunches;

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