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Schedule your initial assessment today.

We begin with a phone consultation to determine your needs, desired environment and the services we can provide for you. Then, we schedule an appointment for a professional assessment to determine lifestyle choices and budget. Whenever possible, we try to meet with a client in person for the initial assessment.


We are open for seniors and disabled adults to provide exercises, music and art therapy. We offer tasty and nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Call 503-332-2798 or e-mail to schedule your initial assessment today.

All of our staff members and volunteers receive specialized training.


Our program offers caring social environment for adults, who have memory loss, depression, dementia, confusion, heart problems and other conditions.  

Some people use our services several days per week, some only one day per week. Each enrollment is different and tailored to meet your individual needs. Scholarships and other assistance may be available. 


As we provide quality care for our participants, we appreciate that we also serve families. We know that this can be a difficult time for you when a family member can’t be independent at home.  Our program helps both participants and their families. Our services assist in maintaining family stability, lowering stress levels for participants, and are an efficient alternative to a nursing home.

We Provide

  • Daily exercises;

  • Yoga;

  • Birthday celebrations;

  • Holidays celebrations;

  • Library outreach services;


Мы начинаем с телефонной консультации, где устанавливаем пожелания и дополнительный уход, который вы поможете получить в Орегоне. После этого, мы проводим прием для профессионального определения ваших нужд и пожеланий. Телефон для начальной информации 503-332-2798.


We accept:

  • Private Insurance

  • Private pay

  • Medicaid

  • Fees are based on attendance.

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